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People get excited a lot these days. I remember a time in my life when people were rarely excited. As a kid, I…

I hope stupidity isn’t contagious….

Yes, yes yes…. I haven’t posted anything in about two months and I’m deeply humiliated! Long story short I’ve either been: a) Too busy b) Too lazy c) All Of The Above To… Continue reading

Sh*t! It’s School!!

Yes, once more I haven’t written an anything for a long time. Yes this time a long time is measured in weeks, not days. But alas, I once more have an excuse! (My… Continue reading

Possibly Imperfect Proverbs

Ok, so as usual I’ve been slaving over (somewhat) interesting things to write about… My problem, as usual, is that I can’t concentrate on a single idea. I blame my English teachers. When… Continue reading

Neil Armstrong -RIP

What do you think about the moon? Maybe right now you’re sitting on a couch reading this like you do every Saturday, maybe you’re in a club and won’t see this for months,… Continue reading

The Pineapple Of Politeness

I’m a weird person. I’m incredibly random once you get to know me properly. I speak loudly and I jump around and altogether goof around like an idiot. Only I’m unbelievably shy when… Continue reading


Hey! So, I’ve been out now for 10days which is 10 days more than I wanted 😥 but this time I actually have an excuse! Or rather 3… 1- I was in Paris… Continue reading

My Dad (Almost) Tried On A Bikini

My Dad Tried On A Bikini I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I’m Marina Schulz Tork*, I’m sixteen years olf and my life has things that are even too tacky for… Continue reading

I Had A Suicidal Bunnie (True Story)

When I was in sixth grade I wanted a cat. I wanted a cat really bad, in fact I was willing to only get a cat for my birthday. I mean seriously, I ask… Continue reading

Dream A Little Dream For Me

“What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, who has only to imagine in… Continue reading