Rubbish, Rumors & Rapazes

to quote my horoscope*: You are attracted to a strong, virile man, who has a uncommon personality: he may be a little rough on you and speak harshly. You like this, it makes you feel… Continue reading


Originally posted on The Life and Times of Nathan Badley…:
First sign that you are not really a winner? If you need a vanity plate to tell everyone that you are. I have…

The Best Of Winter

Winter is finally here, and for a Spring baby this is something that is met with mixed receptions. Let me clarify. I was born on the 20th of June, the day before Summer… Continue reading

Songs Of The Week

So I’ve decided to add a new feature; every week I’ll point out three songs I really, really like:) Not necessarily my favourite ones, but rather the ones that I’m “feeling” the most… Continue reading

Collapsing Regrets

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine.  I must admit we were both feeling a wee bit philosophical that day. Had we been talking in person and not via… Continue reading

Giving Up on Giving Up on Social Media

Why? Why return just a few days after having left? Well, the first thing you must know is that I’m very ostentatious. I didn’t leave with a whimper; I made sure there was… Continue reading

I’ve Left Facebook! *CUE GASP*

I have now left Facebook. Okay, this sound really drastic, so I might as well admit I’m exaggerating: I haven’t left it per se, I’ve just frozen my account. What does this mean? It… Continue reading

Davy Jones & The Monkees

Now I’m feeling sad 😦 and happy 🙂 I just saw a piece of the Monkees reunion concert where they have a tribute to Davy Jones in Daydream Believer. But I shoudn’t be… Continue reading


  The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about nightmare’s/dreams, and I pointed out that I’ve been nightmare free for about five years. Except for a few times. Usually when I… Continue reading

Two Things To Think

  Number One- I’m too tired to think, let alone write. Number Two- It’s stupid that during PE I’m graded on my participation in group sports when it would be obviously better for… Continue reading