Dalí Atomicus

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Humiliation Is A Desert Better Served Never (Part 1)

You know who there are days where everything is lovely and happy and perfect? The guy you like likes you back, you come across an unexpected amount of cash… Yes, well, this hasn’t… Continue reading

“My” Monkees :)

I made this one myself! Yaaay I know how to make pictures, lol! Tell me this isn’t adorable??

The Siblinghood Of The Travelling Beatles T-Shirt

It was awesome :). I had literally the time of my life. I was with my two “siblings”, my “son” and my grandad”. Yes, my friends and I are so close that we… Continue reading

Friends Are There When You Need Them Their Even There When You Don’t

I haven’t written anything in ages; it isn’t my fault, the heavy standards imposed by our government in terms of education are making my free time scarce. Also, I’m really lazy. I’ve been debating… Continue reading

Shakespearean Shenanigans

When most children where 5 or 6 they could recite ring a round the roses as second nature. When I was 6 I knew an abridged version of the To Be Or Not… Continue reading

Cool Vid

Just have to share this lol!

These Boots Aren’t Meant For Walking

A long, long time ago humans co-existed with dinosaurs  lived in stone houses and had saber tooth tigers for pets. This, we know, is a fact. Haven’t you seen the Flintstones? Back then it… Continue reading

Thought Of The Day

Thought of the day: who the hell was the guy who invented the Subway?? Because, seriously, people probably thought he was clinically insane back in the idea. I mean whoever said “gosh, fresh air… Continue reading

Livin’ In Lisbon

Last Saturday I decided to go to the Portuguese “Feira Da Ladra”. That means “Thief’s Fair” and is our equivilant of the flea market. An unknown fact is that in this context “ladra”… Continue reading