Tight Grip On Air (In My Delusional State)

A Tight Grip On Air (In My Delusional State), by Marina Schulz Tork

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I’ve got a tight grip on air

I’ve got nothing to eat, nothing to wear

But in my delusional state,

I take my life to faith

And hold on.


I’m High, I’m low

I’m sweet, I’m slow

It’s like a drug

I can’t let go


Tik tok, tik tok

Life’s a clock

It’s 12 pm. and

I’m late for what?


I fake, I lie, I cheat, I wait

I’m stuck in the past

I know this can’t last

But in my delusional state

I hold on and relax


I’m waiting for someone at home,

But I’m sitting here all alone

Because in my delusional state

All I feel is fake.


I’m high, I’m low,

I’m sweet, I’m slow

I have a tight grip on air

I open my palm

And nothing’s there