One Direction Imagine – Chapter 3 “Change My Mind”

Chapter 3
“Change My Mind”

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About 20 minutes later, I’m on my couch reading.
Dear Girl,
I’m sorry I never got to know your name. It’s funny that I never even asked you for it, but it just felt like I’d known you all my life and my mind couldn’t get around the fact that we were only together for a night.
I know it wasn’t just a chance thing that we met and it pains me that I have to wait until Friday to see you again. When you went away I felt like the life was drained out of me, so I think I’ll probably just be asleep until then, so not that much harm done.
I’m sorry that I had to send this note to everyone on your street, but I only caught the first few numbers of your address. I know you won’t like it, because you’re shy, but I hope you know I had to do so, to tell you this.
It’s only been a couple of hours since I last saw you but I can’t stop seeing you, your face, your eyes, your laugh… And I don’t think I ever want to stop thinking about you anyways.
Last night – that is to say today, as you pointed out – was perfect, and I don’t want to let you down next time we meet. So I’ve prepared a “little” surprise for you! Meet me at 4 pm on Friday, at the arranged place.
I can’t give any more information because then I’d be defeating the purpose of the surprise, is that not true? Besides, I just want you, and I can’t leave my number or anything since it might get in the hands of some deranged fan.
Please don’t stand me up,
Zayn Malik

I know it’s stupid, but I’m practically tearing up because it’s by far the nicest thing anybody’s ever written me and it shows he cares too!
I’m smiling… Until I remember that he sent the note two days ago! It’s already Friday! Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck. It’s 12h30, it takes about an hour and a half to get there, including the distance from here to the nearest tube, and I still haven’t decided what to wear.
An hour? Oh my goodness, I sound like an old woman but who cares, since I need at least twice as long.
Needless to say, necessity is the mother of invention. As such, I have a shower, wash my hair, which was decidedly needing it, threw on one of my new dresses, It is a simple and elegant, A-line dress. The top part is sort of like a white lace camisole with raglan sleeves that, at the basque waist, has a thin brown belt with a small bow. The bottom part of the dress is navy blue silk that ends with a fish tail, as the back is longer than the front. I obviously, due to the fact that it’s winter, choose to wear a tick woolen jacket with it, and some stockings, because I want to look nice and I don’t really care about the temperature.
I toy with the idea of wearing heels, but since I don’t know what his surprise is, I put that idea aside, and instead put on some regular brown ankle boots. As for accessories, a simple vintage watch with a light lace wristband that I made myself.
I leave my hair plain, since he commented on how he really liked it last time we where together.


Two hours later I sit alone in a taxi cab he sent for me.
I don’t know where I’m going, I just know he’s the one who sent it, because the driver walked up to me specifically, having followed a description given to him of a very beautiful brunette girl, and introduced himself as working for Zayn.
The driver simply said it was a part of the surprise, especially since Zayn himself was nowhere in sight.
At that point I had no idea where I was heading.
Skipping ahead yet again, 10 hours have passed and once again I’m sitting in a taxi cab. Only I’m not by myself anymore because I’m with him, and I could never be alone with him. And now I know where I am because Zayn clarified our destination. Not that he had to, because I saw sneaked a peek, although my chauffeur had told me not to, at the airport while boarding. The screen had said “New York City”.
That was the surprise! I was in New York City with Zayn for our second date!
In New York City with Zayn for our second date heading for the top of the Statue Of Liberty, which he somehow managed to book privately just for us two!
In New York City.
With Zayn.
For our second date.
On the statue of liberty!!