Birthday presents

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Everybody loves presents.

And birthdays.

That’s a given.

But it’s one thing when it’s your own, and another when it’s somebody else’s.

Also, am I the only one who feels really awkward when everybody’s singing happy birthday? I never seem to know what face to make!

I think I’m not the only one who has a bit of trouble picking gifts but I’ve decided a fool proof way to get people gifts. Simple! Just buy them something related to their favourite band. Ta-daaa! That simple. From what I gather, everybody loves music.

It’s easy. Even if you don’t know their favourite group, find out through their personality. Do they like old music? New? Big fans of vintage or do they prefer unknown music?

In theses past two years:

  • I’ve given a friend an imported book about Queen, with whom she is in love with. She’s still in denial about Freddie Mercury being gay. But the point is I knew she’d adore the book, which she did, and it was so expensive I’ve been off the hook since in terms of presents. 😉
  • My “brother” got a Beatles T-shirt. With a deep secret meaning.
  • And my sister would have got a Beatles mug, only I didn’t see her for ages, and since you can’t give presents 6months after ones birthday, I kept that one for myself.

But by far the cheapest,  possibly the best, and by far the hardest to obtain present I ever gave was when a friend, for her birthday, wanted a short story about One Direction.

It took a few months, as I’m always really busy, but it’s done and she loved it! And finally, I can post it here 🙂 so in a while you will be able to read a 41 page (it’s possible that the font was a bit big) fan fiction about 1D.