The Siblinghood Of The Travelling Beatles T-Shirt

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It was awesome :). I had literally the time of my life. I was with my two “siblings”, my “son” and my grandad”. Yes, my friends and I are so close that we entitle ourselves as “The Family”, and no we aren’t with the mob. Also, we are weird enough that my “grandad” is a 16 year old girl (IC) and is currently dating my son, a 15 year old boy (TF). At the time my two other “siblings” were dating…. Ok, this is starting to sound a bit creepy, but none of us are technically speaking related by blood. No incest, people!!

It was so much fun, we were staying at IC’s granma (like… real granma)’s absent friend’s flat  which was literally 10 minutes walking from the beach, 4 minutes from an amusement part, and maybe 15 from the town center.

As a bit of a control freak, I brought a long a ton of cash, even though technically IC’s grandma was super sweet and always came over with home cooked food for our meals.  The problem was, me and money don’t mix. If I actually had any of it I’d probably be a shop-a-holic. Only since I don’t, my compulsion is a little limited. But that week, I was with friends, without my parents and had a big problem not speeding my 100 bucks, which, supposedly, I was saving for when I went to Paris.

So, one night while we were going to the amusement park, which happened to be my first time at one, I decided to excuse myself and “ran away” to one of the many, many, many t-shirt stands and spent 10% of my money on a Beatles T-shirt. I’m about 90% sure it wasn’t a very legit t-shirt because it had them standing next to an american flag but I was dead pleased with my self for getting it. So much so, that the next day I came back for a Nirvana one.

I went back to the group and showed it.  My t-shirt was absolutely not quite my style and I didn’t have anything packed that might have gone with it.  But I loved it!

(I’m so clever that to go on a one week group holiday I packed 4 skirts, 4 t-shirts, 3 dresses and no pajamas. I ended up sleeping in a spaghetti strap top and my least fancy skirt. I figured sleeping in a frilly blue mini would have been a little over the top.)

I know I’ve complained often that nobody has got taste in music anymore, but I guess birds of a feather flock together. Friends mightn’t have the same tastes, but hey, if you have the same dislikes you are bonded for life, and ain’t that the truth? But hey you know what, nobody dislikes the Beatles and all I know is that I was sometimes literally fighting tooth and nail for my t-shirt.

I had to lend it for days on end to appease some folks. At one point I had to beg it back from my brother JT after he promised that after using it for a day he’d never ever ask for it again. My sister SC once slept in it. I suppose I couldn’t exactly have protested; the top I was sleeping in was so skimpy I had to check every 5 minutes for nip slips. JT’s suggestion on the first night that I should “just sleep in my underwear like a guy” was probably the stupidest thing I’d heard, but hey, had I done that I wouldn’t have been showing that much more skin.

The sleeping layout was as follows, me and one couple would sleep in one room and watch movies until the wee hours of the night, while the other couple stayed in closed quarters until wee hours of the night XD. I’m only joking a little, eventually the other couple would join us and we’d all see a Harry Potter movie marathon. It was a bit of a bummer being a 5th wheel, but occasionally MF, my “son”‘s real blood sister would come over so at least I wasn’t the only one who was forever alone! Luckily things didn’t get awkward, because technically speaking MF had still been dating JT when we took this trip and he cheated on her with SC who had been his ex. To sum up a long story, JT and SC got back together and MF didn’t really care because she wasn’t that crazy about JT after all. Confusing much anyone? And all these people are “my family”.

One day when MF was over JT did a prank or something.. I can’t really remember but she had to change clothes, and I had to lend my beloved Beatles t-shirt, which she returned the following day. Ah well, it was becoming common by then. That same day JT decided to hand wash the laundry, which was a little embarrassing because, well, I was the only girl there with a lacy bra.

By then I’d accumulated a bunch of new stuff. SC was no help; I’d specifically told her not to let me buy anything, but whenever I went out JT got me to get something new! One afternoon we went to a bargain store and I got tons of nail polish and temporary tattoos. I ended up doing manicures on everyone, including the boys which was quite funny XD. JT decided to try painting mine himself, just to check it out, literally painted my entire toe black and took away the excess with giant wads of accetone soaked loo roll. My feet looked like they were decomposing!

Six months later it was JT, who is like 2 years younger, birthday and I wanted to get him something from the heart as he is one of my best friends 🙂 Meanwhile:

  • MF got him dog food even though even after they broke up they remained great friends.
  • IC got him rabbit food.
  • SC gave him nothing because she wasn’t invited (yet another break up)
  • And I can’t remember what TF gave him

So I showed up with a big bag. I gave it a heavy emotional intro and handed him…..…… (drum roll please)..………………… my beatles t-shirt! I told him to cherrish it because, well, I really loved it and I knew he liked it too.

He said he couldn’t accept it and knew how much it meant, but I was able to persuade him to keep it :). We hugged, and I’m pretty sure mine was the second best gift of the night (some of his other friends gave him a pet guinea pig called “Hippie”). Now, this is a true story, but tell me that this doesn’t reming you of the “Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants”??

The following day he sent me a text saying that the thought was really nice but the t-shirt (which had always been a little tight on me anyways, and I’m older and a little chubby) didn’t even fit him anymore! I’d forgotten he’d grown and was like 10 cm taller now!

Last time we met, JT announced (prematurely, considering I was born on the 20th of June) what my birthday present was.. The Beatles T-shirt! Which, by now, has gone full circle.