Friends Are There When You Need Them Their Even There When You Don’t

I haven’t written anything in ages; it isn’t my fault, the heavy standards imposed by our government in terms of education are making my free time scarce. Also, I’m really lazy.

I’ve been debating on what to put up here for ages. My life is, unfortunately, quite undramatic right now. All the drama I wish I had isn’t really happening. Luckily my friends are here to cheapen up my soap :D.

Friends are the best. You can’t live without them, and you can’t live without them. Just the other day I introduced two of my closest friends, Anilorac and Anilorac 2. (They have the exact same names which made it extra confusing for me). Their relationship sprung when I told Anilorac 2 about how Anilorac also shared her love of One Direction. They started chatting via me, and next thing I know one of them invited the other and myself to sleepover at her house. No parental supervision  as Anilorac 2, now to be known as CZ to avoid confusions, ‘s mother has the coolest job ever, an air hostess and was, at the time, meeting her boyfriend in Paris or something because they were both on duty at the same time. (They live in different countries, and they managed to meet for Valentine’s Day. Now tell me that isn’t romantic??)

Basically that was the first time they met, and they got on like sticks on fire. We were singing One Direction songs until like 3am, and even though I like them now it’s awful to be a Monkees/Beatles fan in the mist of people from…  my own generation  Lol. It was dead fun though!

The next day we went shopping. I spent a whooping 50 euros, a personal record (my folks don’t give me all that much cash). I got:

-A red chiffon dress with little gold studs and a sweetheart necklace from Stradivarius. (8 euros, on sale down from 30)

-A coral pink/beje basic top also from Stradivarius. (3, down from 5)

– A Black Tank Top with little grey boys and tiny pink hearts from Berska (3, down from 12)

-Compact Powder!! My first ever, purchased without my mom’s knowledge with help from CZ!! 😀 (Wells, by Essence, 4 euros)

– Mascara, eyeliner and two facial masks

-A lacy beje top with a round back from Pinkie

– Also CZ was a darling and gave me this lovely white top with flowers shaping a heart that she knew I could not afford!

My purchases :)

My purchases 🙂

We had a ton of fun, it was literally a american sitcom version of a sleepover. I swear to God we even painted our nails, swaped nail polishes, crushed on Niall from 1D (that is to say CZ did, I’m a Zayn girl myself 🙂 ).. We cooked, dropped food on the floor, just to make it more cliché and I even slept in a sleeping bag.

CZ and Anilorac are best friends now, and are even sisters on Facebook.

I am officially a matchmaker from heaven! If only I could join me and the guy I like together.. Haha. Just joking.

No I’m not.