Livin’ In Lisbon

Last Saturday I decided to go to the Portuguese “Feira Da Ladra”. That means “Thief’s Fair” and is our equivilant of the flea market. An unknown fact is that in this context “ladra” comes from the ancient word “ladro” which was a bug that hung around old junk.

I ended up not going because my ride didn’t dig wasn’t feeling this vibe – my ride being my mom.

So instead we went to central downtown Lisbon, better known as Chiado or Baixa.

It was a pretty good day and I took what, in my opinion, are decent pictures. My cell phone is the same model as Adam and Eve.

We started by visiting a so called English Bookshop; turns out not only was it closed but it was an extension of the British council. Instead, we ate lunch:)


This was a most delicious bean soup. It also had veggies and spaggethi.


Then we proceeded to eat this excellent arroz de tamboril (some sort of fish rice? it’s very nice and I’m not even a fish person).


This was the restaurant; it’s been open since 1830 and is called Cister.

I guess the moral of this story is that when in Portugal, be gluttonous.