Giving Up on Giving Up on Social Media

Why? Why return just a few days after having left?

Well, the first thing you must know is that I’m very ostentatious. I didn’t leave with a whimper; I made sure there was a bang!

The last thing that I did was to leave a post saying “I’m leaving Facebook for a while…”. You might think that is nothing special, but let’s face it, minimalism! Less is more; notice those last three dots, they are mysterious as hell. They aren’t final, so what do they mean? Like if you send a text saying: “Oh, I might be there in a while…” You show no certainties  it makes it sound pretty, like you’re a very busy person who has to consider it. Like, ehhh did I make plans for today? Gee I don’t know, my social calendar is so occupied right now. Well, if I do show up, you should be really, really grateful cause I just feel sorry for you.

Anyways, as another saying goes “Coriusity killed the cat” and I was dying to know what people said about me after I left. Although, technically, I only told a few people about my leaving. When I returned, there was a relatively big conversation about my leaving.

Here’s the gist of:

PERSON 1-Deactivate your account??

PERSON 2- Yeah, didn’t you see her ppublications
PERSON 3-? I didn’t get it either, why did she do it?
PERSON 1- she sent me a text saying: 1 beacause I wanted to, 2 because I could, 3 because it was occupying a ton of my time
PERSON 2- ohhh 😥 noooo!!
PERSON 4-but it’s only a few days, right?
PERSON 1-she has a few kinda weird attitudes…!
PERSON 1-but what I found weird was the reason lool!
PERSON 4-I didn’t get it but whateva

PERSON 1-but ok, it’s marina and I’m not surprised, right?

PERSON 2.hehe yeah marina is kinda crazy like that :p

I edited out most of it though. But I don’t wanna sound like a hypocrite, I firmly believe in what I said about social medias being redundant, and I’ve just recovered my facebook account to keep up appearances and to look normal to all my vague acquaintances, because let’s face it, most of the people I love will read this, and those who don’t either aren’t my friends or already know my views on the matter at hand. That is to say, exept my mom and dad, seeing as how she doesn’t know my web adress, and he literally can’t turn on a PC. And honestly, I have to keep up appearances of being somewhat rebelious, Think of just how proud they’d be if I said I hated facebook!