Davy Jones & The Monkees

Now I’m feeling sad 😦 and happy 🙂 I just saw a piece of the Monkees reunion concert where they have a tribute to Davy Jones in Daydream Believer.

But I shoudn’t be sad! Davy is with his fellow angels right now, and it’s so great that his music is still being remembered!

Last year I had a horrible, horrible, horrible time, and honestly, this music, The Monkees was one of the few things that made me feel truly happy, and right now I’m tearing up which is stupid because, yes I am feeling happy! Daydream Believer, I’m A Believer and all the other songs ALWAYS cheer me up when I’m feeling sad and I don’t care if in the beggining the Monkees didn’t play they’re all instruments in the beginning, because what is music really?? To me it’s just a feeling of happiness or sadness that comes with a song! The Monkees had more emotion than a lot of bands before and after, and that’s what makes them great. Bah, most modern music doesn’t make me feel anything. And in retrospect this sentence doesn’t make much gramatical sense, but I don’t care I’m feeling emotional 🙂

Here is the vid!