I hope stupidity isn’t contagious….

Yes, yes yes…. I haven’t posted anything in about two months and I’m deeply humiliated!

Long story short I’ve either been:

a) Too busy

b) Too lazy

c) All Of The Above

To have any patience to write anything whatsoever, be it a load of crap or not.

So I decided to write on the thing I know best- other people’s stupid mistakes.

William Shakespeare:

It was the spring of 2012, and I was as miserable as ever.  As you may know, I was not particularly known for my popularity last year. In fact, I was nicknamed “Class Encyclopedia”, Due, in part, to the fact that I was probably the only one who knew what an encyclopedia was. I’m actually being quite literal here. It’s not that I’m extraordinarily smart, it’s just that they’re extraordinarily stupid.

Anyways, I know, and have always known, a good portion of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet‘s “To Be Or Not To Be” speach by heart. For that, I am known. Seriously, I’m pretty sure there’s a illegal video of me on YouTube reciting it.

Picture the scene:


ME: (cool as a cocumber on the outside, inside I’m like “Yeah!!! Somebody is talking to me!!) Soooo….. You know William Shakespeare?



NITWIT: Really? Who is he?

NIMCOMPOP( with a smug smile on her face): You see, Marina, you make think you know everything, but everyone else is just as good as you. William Shakespeare is the guy who plays Sherlock Holmes in that movie, Sherlock Holmes!!

ME (feigning deefness): Say what? I can’t hear you. OH LOOK THE TEACHER IS HERE LET’S SIT DOWN AND NOT TALK.

I rest my case.