Sh*t! It’s School!!

Yes, once more I haven’t written an anything for a long time. Yes this time a long time is measured in weeks, not days. But alas, I once more have an excuse! (My mom says I’m made of excuses so maybe it isn’t that astounding that I found one)

I have started school. And I’m ever so happy with it! Am I being sarcastic? Am I not being sarcastic? Read on and you’ll find out! (we’re learning about marketing in class – right now I’m trying to get my readers interested)

So, like many people I rely on the internet for just about everything. Entertainment. Books. Well, actually that’s about it, but whatever. Anyways I looked up the date when school started like most people do. No big deal right? 14th of September  I figured it was a bit weird for school to start on a Friday since most of my friends either started the Monday after or a few days before.

Meanwhile I’m preparing like crazy – I only had a few days to do up my room considering someone (*cough* mom *cough*) left it till last minute. In case you are wondering my bedside table right now is a chair. I didn’t even have any notebooks or anything! So, I popped by my new school (a Salesian school here in Portugal –won’t say which, but it’s pretty darn expensive) on Monday to grab my books. And I go there with my mom. No big deal, right? So we go past and my mom asks why there are kiddies there. And I answer, the school website said high schoolers started on a specific day that was different from the younger kids.

We go in and we see more kids. I’m starting to panic. I checked the website, right? I did, didn’t? Didn’t I? Oh, didn’t I? We talk to the lady in the secretariat. She asks me what class I’m in. I don’t know. She laughs and says, well then silly, how did you get into class today then?


So I don’t the sensible, mature thing, exactly what you would expect from a 16 year old starting JUNIOR FREACKING YEAR. I start stammering. “Bu-bu-bu-but I-I-I-I-I Saaaaaw It-it-it-it-it on-on-on-on-li-li-li-neeeeeee!!!!”, and ‘cause I’m totally a brain box I say this on and on while my mom looks at me like.. well no point in swearing, right?

Long story short: class had started on the 6th, 10days before any of my friends; my mom didn’t murder much because she felt sorry for me because she figured I woudn’t have any friends because I started so late; my room is currently a mess (the walls are painted and I hung a few paintings but nothing major was done); and I had to rush to the shopping centre to buy some decent school shoes and notebooks.

But the bright side of all this is that everyone was super nice (so much more than last year!!!) and I have a few good friends right now. The brightest side though (yes I have a triangle-deal with it) is that the food is excellent!


Not Gossip Girl.