That isn't me though. I don't blush. Also my fingers are stubbier.

Hey! So, I’ve been out now for 10days which is 10 days more than I wanted 😥 but this time I actually have an excuse! Or rather 3…

1- I was in Paris for a week 🙂

2-I had to pack to get to Paris (although my mom said we could go shopping once we got there -she lied)

3- Once I got back I had to unpack and now that I’m back I’m redecorating my room, which involves looking at stuff, choosing stuff, cleaning stuff, throwing away stuff, and worst of all trying to stand up to my mom’s bad taste.

Ok, so maybe some of you have been waiting for me only I’m seriously tired. And I really am not kidding when I say I’m weird when I’m sleepy. Just to prove that, here’s a transcript of a regular night when I was once on holiday with a few friends:

Me: Those hats must be unconfortable… Imagine if you wear them in class, nobody will be able to see the board….

Jacques*: Right..

Me: I wonder what happened to my owl…

Dee*: You had an owl??

Me: Yeah.. It was made out of wood and I bought it in Spain.

Dee: Oh.

*Watching The Movie*

Jacques: Does anybosy want something to eat? I’m going to get something. *Turns on the light*

Me: NO, NO!!!! SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!

Jacques: What, what? What happened??

Me: SHUT UP!!!!

Jacques & Dee: Nobody said anything!!

Me: NOOO, not you, I mean you!! You’re hurting my eyes!!!!!

Dee & Jacques, staring at me: Do you want us to turn off the light?

Me *look up from the pillow I was hidding my face in*: No, I’m ok.

Dee & Jacques: Sureeeee…. Anyways as I was saying blah, blah, blah continuing conversation.

In my defense, I was being kept awake against my own will XD ok, I’ll admit it I was a wee bit psycotic. Believe it or not, this continued. Aparently when suffering from bright lights and lack of sleep my brain can’t think of anything fancier than shut up. Like, for instance, “Turn of those bloody lights!!!!!!”. Thank god I don’t do any real crimes or else I think I’d be immediatly arrested for badmouthing the police force when confronted with standard interrogation. Anyways for the sake of keeping my one follower, I’ll continue the conversation .

*Watching The Chamber Of Secrets My Friend Happy* walks in the room and turns on the lights*

Me: Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy: What? I dindn’t say anything!

Dee: She wants you to turn off the lights.

Happy: But then I can’t see anything! And I wanted to talk to you guys.

Me: Okay but shut up then!!! Jacques shut up.

Happy: I’m not Jacques….

Me: Dee tell Jacques to shut up.

Jacques: It wasn’t even me who turned on the lights!

Me: Actually, don’t bother. So, what did I miss?

I’m not even kidding, I act like I’m drunk when I’m sleep deprived. Energy drinks make me really sleepy. Although that means I also act kinda drunk then… Apparently I’m really funny when I’m sleepy. Believe it or not, in the morning I didn’t really remember the whole “shut up insident” and was a bit like “What the HELL are you talking about??” . Then I remembered and would have started blushing if it weren’t for the fact that, despite occasionally getting a zit, I have a darkish complection and you can’t really tell when I do. Anyways this kinda become a running gag between us and now everytime someone does or says something the others don’ want to see or hear we just tell them to shut up. So, you see I’m a trend setter 😉

Anyways, hope this proves that I just must go to bed! Love y’all!!