My Mom Said I Am Lazy

Ok, so I’ve never smoked or done drugs. But I am prone to sleeping in the bath tub when staying over with a bunch of friends. Ask anybody!

“Mom, I’m starting a blog” I said as soon as my mom got up from her nap.

“That’s great, sweetie. Did you do the dishes?”

“Umm, no… But what do you think my blog should be called?”

“Lazy, cause that’s what you are”

But lazy is taken. I guess my supreme sloth-ness isn’t as epic as my mom appears to think. So I choose to call my blog Cheap Soap. Why? Well, ah as you’ll see soon (if I ever get anyone to view my entries) my life is like a really, really bad Soap Opera. I mean the kind with:

a) bad actors (think Kristen Stuart meets an amateur middle school drama production, so that the special effects can’t save her)

b) bad dialogue (how many times a day can you hear “Because I said so” from your parents before it gets repetitive?)

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Soap-Of-My-Life has low viewership. I’m not exactly Miss Popularity.

So maybe your wondering why I started a blog. Well I’ve had like a dozen request to start a diary because apparently I’m funny. I know, I’m as surprised as you guys/girls! Crazy, definetly yes. Funny, maybe not.

Anyways and because I’m horribly vain and big-headed (that’s the real reason of why I haven’t posted any pics of myself, my head is that big) I decided I couldn’t keep myself locked up. Aren’t you grateful?