The Monkees a…

The Monkees are my (and a lot of other peoples’) escape from the sad world we live in. The fact that they’re not sad and so pitiful and so self-centered as some of… Continue reading

One Direction Imagine- Chapter 4 “Still The One”

Chapter 4 “Still The One” Two years after Zayn and I where still dating. The events I am writing down took place exactly on the anniversary of the day we met. “We’ve had… Continue reading

Collapsing Regrets

Originally posted on cheapsoap:
The other day I was talking to a friend of mine.  I must admit we were both feeling a wee bit philosophical that day. Had we been talking in…

Tight Grip On Air (In My Delusional State)

A Tight Grip On Air (In My Delusional State), by Marina Schulz Tork I’ve got a tight grip on air I’ve got nothing to eat, nothing to wear But in my delusional state,… Continue reading

One Direction Imagine – Chapter 3 “Change My Mind”

Chapter 3 “Change My Mind” About 20 minutes later, I’m on my couch reading. Dear Girl, I’m sorry I never got to know your name. It’s funny that I never even asked you… Continue reading

One Direction Imagine- Chapter 2 “More Than This”

Chapter 2 “More Than This” When I woke up, the next day I assumed, I had a splitting headache. Had it all been a dream? Had I even done the operation? Wouldn’t have… Continue reading

One Direction Imagine– Chapter 1 “Up All Night!”

“Up All Night” When I was born the doctors told my parents I might turn deaf when I was older. They weren’t exactly surprised, because they are deaf too. Anyways, a hearing kid… Continue reading

Birthday presents

Everybody loves presents. And birthdays. That’s a given. But it’s one thing when it’s your own, and another when it’s somebody else’s. Also, am I the only one who feels really awkward when… Continue reading

I see you

  If I could fall Before I sleep Its because  I took To long to weep   I cried your name But you won our game It’s lost, I’ve won It’s over and… Continue reading

Humiliation Is A Desert Better Served Never (Part 2)

So where was I? No matter what you can say about me being a lazy prat – and I guarantee you that some people say that, not least of all my mom – I have genuinely … Continue reading